I'm Carrie Voorhis, and I'm a mystery writer based in Studio City, California. I worked for 15 years as an advertising copywriter for clients like JP Morgan Chase and Microsoft. My first job ever was a proofreader with the For Dummies publishers, a skill I still lend to friends and family whether they like it or not. In my spare time, I cook, eat, and enjoy reading about cooking, eating, and people killing each other. I'm currently at work on my Zoe Falconer mystery novel series.

Box of Fancy is a brand I maintain to collect any interesting idea I might turn into a fully developed amusement.

I also do not know whose cat this is. 


My new Eliza Gerard story is in

the 2020 Bouchercon Anthology

Bouchercon 2020’s anthology of short stories, California Schemin’, will be available in mid-October, 2020, featuring Scott Turow, Anne Perry, Cara Black, Walter Mosley!

The anthology, edited by Edgar Award-winning Art Taylor, includes new stories by the Guests of Honor as well as a baker’s dozen of tantalizing, whimsical, edgy stories all reflecting the California theme. My Eliza Gerard story, The Fandancer’s First Murder, is set in 1890s California.

Here’s what the cover looks like so you can recognize it in major retailers. When it’s published I’ll add all the links.



Drop me a note if you'd like more information, or if you'd like to hear updates on the upcoming Zoe Falconer books or Eliza Gerard stories. If it takes a moment for me to respond, it may be because my cat is sitting on my laptop again. Thanks for your interest, 
- Carrie

Studio City, California

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