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I'm Carrie Voorhis, and I'm a mystery writer based in Studio City, California. Book One of my Zoe Falconer mystery novel series was chosen as a finalist for Best Unpublished First Novel at the 2022 Claymore Awards. Book Two is underway. My short stories are included in the 2020 Bouchercon Anthology and the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles anthology, Entertainment to Die For.

Box of Fancy is where I collect interesting ideas to turn into a fully developed amusement.
I also do not know whose cat this is. 


Art Taylor talks to Carrie about “The Fandancer’s First Murder”

“My sleuth is a 19th-century woman that I built from, really, trash. I’m forever falling down rabbit holes on the Internet, and one day I found the website of a man who excavates Victorian rubbish dumps and adds his finds to a database. Dishes and silverware, bottles of household cleaners, makeup containers, candy tins, photographs, discarded clothes and shoes. There’s something very human and revealing about the things we throw away and the story grew from there.”

Read Art's full story at

Freddi Farr Behind the Bar has been selected for inclusion in the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles biennial anthology for 2023, Entertainment to Die For. 


Freddi is a former starlet from Hollywood's black and white heyday who, older and wiser, runs The Taboo Room tiki bar frequented by directors, producers, and movie and TV stars. It's a secret place where fancy people do unseen things in early 1960s Los Angeles. 


New For 2023


The Bump Key: A Zoe Falconer Mystery is a finalist for Best Unpublished First Novel

The first book in my Zoe Falconer series, The Bump Key, is a finalist at Killer Nashville's 2022 Claymore Awards for Best Unpublished First Novel in the Best Comedy category. 

The second book in the series is nearing completion. 

The Fandancer's First Murder
is included in the 2020 Bouchercon Anthology

Bouchercon 2020’s anthology of short stories, California Schemin’, is now available, featuring Scott Turow, Anne Perry, Cara Black, Walter Mosley!


The anthology, edited by Edgar Award-winning Art Taylor, includes new stories by a baker’s dozen of tantalizing, whimsical, edgy stories all reflecting the California theme. My Eliza Gerard story, The Fandancer’s First Murder, is set in 1890s California. A second Eliza story is on the way! Here's the paperback and Kindle link at Amazon:



Drop me a note if you'd like more information, or if you'd like to hear updates on the upcoming Zoe Falconer books or Eliza Gerard stories. If it takes a moment for me to respond, it may be because my cat is sitting on my laptop again. Thanks for your interest, 
- Carrie

Studio City, California

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